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last year sketch (2)


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last year sketch (1)

Summer holiday with my family in Livo – a very  small mediaeval mountain village with a wonderful view at lake como. Nearly perfect if you´re not suffer from acrophobia – like me. I am not really happy with these drawings but I just wanted to show something diffrent here.

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“Maiszerais” book cover (vers.4)


At the moment I´m drawing version number 5… (front and backcover in one)

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“Maiszerais” book cover (vers.3)

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“many” book cover (4)



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“many” book cover (3)

This one is soooo beautiful, they said. BUT-

(isn`t there always a “but” in life)

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“Ich, der Räuber Maiszerais und die berühmteste Tafel Schokolade der Welt”


I am going to illustrate the new Allan Ellsworthy book “Me, Stinky Torncorn and the incredible Chocolate bar”. I had never heard about the author  until the publisher asked me to read his script.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading it. It is clever and funny and full of strange characters.

Here you can see my final sketch of the two main characters: Julian (Oke Anton) and Stinky Torncorn (der Räuber Maiszerais)

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