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Trudis Calendar

The original design to this drawing came from my daughter. She did her own version in december 2006. And I liked it a lot. So I adopted it for the Trudi Mohn book. Who needs spring, anyway?


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When we visited the S. Maria Maggiore cathedral in como, my six year old daughter asked me for a sheet of paper and a pencil. “What for?” I was wondering. Her answer was that she would like to draw the Maria altar. I was a little bit surprised but why not? My little girl sat herself in front of this big baroque masterpiece of skulpture and began to work very concentrated. She did not even want some of us around. Therefore Frauke, Mattis and I went out for ice cream and coffee. After a while Frauke was a bit uncomfortable about Johannas long absence. So she went in to look after her. You can tell how proud and impressed I was as they came out, showing me this wonderful drawing.

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