the scarecrow and his servant

One of the things that I am still longing for, is to illustrate a book written by Philip Pullman. His german publisher “Carlsen” had given me already the chance to try a new – more grown up – style for “the scarecrow”. But there was no grown up in me waiting for a chance to come out. So I drew four samples in my usual (too) sweet way of drawing. At that time I realised what I was really longing for: a signed copy of “the scarecrow and his servant”! So I asked the editor if she could kindly send Mr Pullman the original illustrations and a little letter in whitch I asked him to swap my drawings for a signed copy. AND HE DID! He sent me a letter and two! books. I am really happy and proud as well. What a generous person he is!

When I looked at the illustrations in the english scarecrow I was shocked! I had choosen exacly the same scenes in the same way as the english illustrator Peter Bailey. How embarrassing. Everybody must have thought that my work was a cheap copy of the original art! I wrote another letter to Philip Pullman. I wanted to explain myself. I didn`t want this great author thinking of me as an artist without any own ideas. He never answered. Still I am happy with my signed copies and his letter. This image is my only unique one. It shows Lord scarecrow telling Jack that he`d decided to get married with a broom.


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